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The Power of Food: Why I Love It

I LOVE food, I love everything about it. I love cooking it, I love shopping for it, I love learning about it, and probably more than any of that, I love the way food brings people together. There’s a section on National Geographic called The Joy of Food.  If...

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3 Ways to Release Expectations for Happiness

Right before heading out of NYC (on my journey of every inch of New York State) for Christmas vacation, I was having a cup of coffee and conversation with a friend/mentor and we were talking about how excited we were for Christmas.  We actually defined...

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Diving into 2018 with Reflection & Self-Awareness

Wow! Here we are 2018 – it’s great to meet you. I have mixed feelings about New Year’s.  In one sense, I love the idea of getting a fresh opportunity to open our hearts and minds in a new way, to hit ‘reset’ on our mind, body, and soul, or simply...

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5 Tips for Having the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Who is ready to have the Best Thanksgiving EVER!? On Sunday, I walked up Broadway to make returns, past Lincoln Center’s The Nutcracker and holiday Jazz advertisements, and through Pottery Barn’s magical storefront, I realized it was time…that time of year…...

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How a Visit to the Nail Salon Taught me Patience

Yikes! It’s been awhile since I posted.  Life has gotten away from me a bit the past few weeks.  I started a new consulting role at an awesome company called SelfMade, spent Labor Day in the Hamptons for my friends 30th birthday, and took off to Copenhagen,...

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