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How Creating Space Will Change Your Life & Make Magic

When I told people I had left my full-time job and was heading to Bali and Australia for 5 weeks, I got a number of different reactions… ‘HA - very ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ of you’ ‘Why? You love your job…’ ‘Oh [insert look of total confusion]’ ‘OMG - THAT’S...

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How to Eat Everything You Want + Feel Good About It

Eat more, weigh less.  Have you heard of that? if you have, you've probably thought...'yeah right!' in what dream world? Well, it's actually possible to eat more of everything you want and feel great about it. Question #1: Don’t you wish you could just eat...

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Healthy Superfood Dessert: Cacao Bliss Balls [raw]

Healthy, Superfood Dessert that tastes decadent and indulgent!? Are ya kidding me? All I gotta say is....BALLS! If you lived with me you might find me yelling that fairly often. MORE BALLS!! I LOVE BALLS! Okay, I’m done.  But really…I do love these balls. ...

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